Pactron’s V series QPI Software Development Platforms


Pactron Vigor QPI Development System:


The Pactron “V” Series QPI Software Development Platforms (SDP) are a complete QPI validation environment. It consist of a Romely or Grantley server, Pactron’s in-socket QPI-FPGA Accelerator Hardware Module (AHM), Intel® Quick Assist Technology and Altera Open-CL software.


Pactron is a QPI licensee; Pactron can provide all Intel licensed QPI and Intel® Quick Assist Technology with their products through end user license agreement. This allows users simplified accelerator integration and development paths to accelerate design productivity for Medical, High Frequency Trading (HFT), Defense, ASIC development, and other Data center applications.


The Pactron QPI-FPGA AHM can connect to the rest of the platform in 2 different configurations; Caching Agent (CA) or HA with on-chip RAM. These configurations are ideal for designers of low-latency, signal-processing, packet processing and embedded applications, such as high-frequency trading and big data that need higher computation performance-per-watt than traditional CPU configurations can deliver.


Pactron V series QPI Software Development Platforms:




Pactron “Grantley” HSX/BSX QPI SDP



Additional Options:

  • Pactron IP 10GBit Ethernet
  • Daughter Card SFP+


Pactron’s Design Services:

    Pactron customers can accelerate design productivity for QPI and other Applications by taking advantage of the design services offered by Pactron and its partners.
    Pactron is a provider of Electronic Design & Manufacturing Services, supporting clients across a broad range of industry segments. Pactron designs and develops comprehensive and robust embedded systems that provide storage, wireless, mobile, networked, audio video, and Internetconnectivity for OEM markets. Pactron delivers integrated hardware and software platforms that are incorporated into end to end solutions, providing its customers minimized risk, accelerated time-to-market, reduced development costs, and enhanced design architecture.


Pactron FPGA Accelerated Computing Solutions

Pactron's V Series QPI Software Development Platforms



For additional information, please send email to doug_brown@pactroninc.com


88AP510 Q7 Module

Pactron offers the Industry’s first Q7 Module based on Marvell’s ARMADA™ 510 system-on-chip (SoC). 88AP510 is a highly integrated, low power SoC with an ARM v6/v7-compliant superscalar processor core, hardware graphics processing unit,...more

Q7 Carrier Board

Pactron’s Q7 Carrier Board meets the new Q7 Specification Revision 2.0, released on September 2012. It is targeted for the hardware and software validation of ARM processor based Q7 CPU modules. This compact version includes 2x USB 3.0 interfaces,...more

FX3 Camera Board

As a Design Partner of Cypress Semiconductors, Pactron has done custom designs based on FX3™, the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Peripheral Controller from Cypress. The FX3 Camera Board was developed to demonstrate FX3’s video streaming capability... more

FX3 FPGA Dev Board

Pactron’s FX3 FPGA Dev board a Development kit for Cypress’s FX3 device has the next-generation Super Speed USB 3.0 peripheral controller at its heart. This powerful & compact development board is designed to interface with standard FPGA boards...more

Birchwood Dev Kit

The Birchwood System is a low power development / evaluation platform based on the high performance Marvell’s Armada 300 88F6282 ARMv5TE compliant core with integrated...more

Sherwood – Armada XP Development

The Sherwood Development kit is a Highly Integrated Multi-core ARMv7 based SOC development/evaluation platform based on the high performance Marvell’s Armada XP MV78460 ARMv7 Quad core with integrated 2MB L2 cache that can runup to 1.6 GHz... more

Riverwood Evaluation Platform

Riverwood is a development / evaluation platform based on Marvell’s Armada 385 which has ARMv7 high performance dual core CPU technology with integrated 1MB shared L2 cache that can run up to 1.6 GHz per core .The Armada 385 SoC caters a new level of performance...more

QPI Software Development Platforms

The Pactron V series QPI Software Development Platforms (SDP) are a complete QPI validation environment. It consist of an Intel® Xeon based server, Pactron’s in-socket QPI-FPGA Accelerator Hardware Module... more



Reference Design Development

Working in conjunction with Applications Engineering and Product Marketing groups at its semiconductor clients, Pactron develops Customer Reference Boards, Evaluation Boards and Reference Design....more


ATE Solutions

Pactron’s expertise in the design and manufacture of ATE board hardware runs both broad, and deep. Pactron has specialized design teams with knowledge and experience across all the major tester platforms....more


Reliability Engineering & Burn-in

Pactron provides an end-to-end solution for your Reliability and Burn-In requirements. With established expertise in Burn-In board (BIB) design for major Burn-In systems, Pactron seeks to provide innovative....more


Product Engineering Solutions

Pactron, in conjunction with its clients covers the entire product development lifecycle. We transform your product ideas to marketplace success with our comprehensive product development services....more


Contract Manufacturing & NPI

Pactron is an ISO 9001 registered full service Contract Manufacturer (CM), committed to the highest standards of excellence in quality and manufacturing. In conjunction with its NPI services....more


ODM Solutions

By bundling its product engineering and design capabilities with its strong manufacturing infrastructure, Pactron offers customers a full ODM solution for a variety of technology platforms....more

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